Pathways to impact.

The cocoboard project is running in parallel and integrated in a development program to promote “Alternative building technologies and modular housing systems”, managed by BASE, a social enterprise incubated by Hilti Foundation.

The program started on 2012, the results from the cocoboard project flow into this program and will benefit from the already existing implementation strategy and networks of contacts. This represents a very concrete base for the successful implementation of the research outcomes.

The expected changes to be generated are:

  • to integrate the poor population as supplier, distributor, retailer and customer of products and services along the coconut value chain or in the construction sector
  • to strengthen the acceptance of environmentally friendly locally produced building materials
  • to influence and adapt the existing policies, priorities, framework regulations and institutions for housing the poor, disaster resilience, new technologies.


Find more information on the website of BASE Bahay Inc. Philippines