HE-Arc conservation-restoration team of CANS project

Régis Bertholon, head of studies and research of HE-Arc CR, main applicant of CANS project

Laura Brambilla, conservation scientist, project leader

Aline Michel, conservator-restorer, research assistant

The HE-Arc conservation-restoration team of CANS project is in charge of the project management and of the conservation-restoration aspects of this interdisciplinary research. In particular:

  • production of a condition report to determine the different type of alterations of cans in museums collections
  • formulation of preventive conservation recommendations for cans with their original content. In the case of composite objects, it is necessary to take into account each material and to find a compromise for long term conservation.
  • development of at least one opening technique for historical cans when an intervention is unavoidable (in collaboration with Glenn Flückiger from ISI, HES-SO Valais). Proposals for the conservation, separately, of the content or part of it for further investigations.
  • Non-invasive or micro-invasive analysis of historical cans